Property Insurance

Property Insurance

Insurance Lawyers Toronto

The Insurance Lawyers at Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF) have the advantage of having acted for both policy-holders and for insurance companies in property insurance disputes. These includes issues arising from accusations or evidence of fraud, arson or misrepresentation. Our well-rounded experience gives us the ability to offer comprehensive representation on a number of property insurance concerns and to achieve our clients’ goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Property Insurance Lawyers Services

DSF property insurance lawyers offer a wide range of representation and counsel options for all your commercial property insurance concerns, including:

Determining Value of a Property Insurance Claim: Disagreements between an insurance company and a policyholder regarding the value of a claim is one of the most common property insurance concerns. Our experienced team can provide advice and assistance in presenting and responding to issues related to the value of a claim. These include concerns related to what evidence is necessary, how it should be presented, and what other options are available, including the availability of statutory appraisal.

Claim Coverage: DSF offers comprehensive representation services for both policyholders and insurance companies. We can assist in determining whether a particular claim is covered under the contract and also handle litigation if the claim is denied and further action is warranted.

Misrepresentation and Changes in Risk: When a policyholder misrepresents themselves or their property to obtain a policy or if certain risk factors change once a policy is in place, disagreements and the potential for a voided contract can occur. At DSF, we are well versed in misrepresentation and changes in risk. We can help provide counsel and professional advice to both insurance companies and policyholders on what to do when these events occur.

Legal Representation for Fraud and Arson

Insurance fraud and arson claims are typically matters dealt with in court including criminal investigations. Unlike most law firms, DSF can provide advice and guidance on the specialized areas of fraud and arson as they relate to insurance claims. Having counsel in these areas for insurance claims can be extremely beneficial in navigating the financial side of fraud and arson.

Property Insurance Representation for Insurance Companies and Policyholders

DSF lawyers pride themselves on being knowledgeable about all aspects of property insurance property law and using that knowledge to create innovative approaches to representing our clients’ cases. This seasoned knowledge has led us to successfully represent both insurance companies and policyholders in a variety of matters.

For Policyholders: When dealing with insurance, it can be an extremely difficult time as you not only manage the effects of the physical or property damage you have suffered but also must deal with the insurance company. DSF lawyers reduce the burden on you and work to gather all necessary materials to represent you and get you the settlement you deserve.

For Insurance Companies: Even under the best circumstances, there is still a chance for disputes over claims. We help to represent your company and gather all necessary information to ensure that your company pays a fair and reasonable settlement.