Dental Law


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Dental Law

Dental Law: Lawyers For Dentists In Toronto We are lawyers for dentists and our Dental Law Group assists dentists in dental law, business law, real estate law and employment law matters.

Since its genesis in 1964, Devry Smith Frank LLP (“DSF”) has offered to its dental services clients’ professional and timely legal services at reasonable rates. Our lawyers’ years of experience and wealth of knowledge translate into effective, highly relevant legal representation.

Dentists are governed by a specific regulatory framework. Our dental lawyers are up-to-date on the current developments and challenges faced by dentists and are intimately familiar with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons (RCDSO) guidelines and professional standards requirements. We offer each dentist client legal representation custom-tailored to his or her particular needs.

You may find it necessary to hire a lawyer at several stages of your career. Your lawyer will be instrumental in at least two respects: (1) in providing advice regarding business and estate planning and structure; and (2) in the preparation, negotiation and finalization of agreements, whether they are stand-alone, or whether they are part of a larger transaction. What follows is only a short list of areas in which a lawyer’s advice and guidance can be of assistance to you.

Associate Agreements – Associate agreements are invaluable for recent graduates entering an associate position with an established office, and for seasoned dentists seeking to hire an associate.

Lease Review – Ask your lawyer to review your lease before you agree to its terms. Remember that a prospective landlord’s standard form of lease will typically be drafted in that landlord’s interest. Your lawyer can help clarify any provisions of the lease with respect to which you may have questions, can suggest how to modify it to better protect your interests, and can assist in its negotiation on your behalf.

Employment Agreements – Your lawyer can help you prepare employment agreements for your support staff. A good employment agreement will clearly set out the relationship between employer and employee, and will include remuneration, benefits and termination provisions.

Incorporating a Professional Corporation – Your lawyer can help you incorporate and organize your professional corporation in compliance with the RCDSO’s rules, with a view to maximizing your income-splitting potential.

Buying or Selling a Dental Practice – We bring our industry-specific knowledge to each purchase and sale transaction. Involving your lawyer in the early stages (even before negotiating a purchase or sale) may save you significant expense and will help you structure a deal that best protects your interests and suits your long-range goals.

Shareholder Agreements – The goodwill in a dental practice takes time to build and is worth protecting. A shareholder agreement will address dispute resolution mechanisms, in addition to a host of other events which could be disruptive to your practice. Your lawyer will draw your attention to important matters that you may not have considered, will explain the legal consequences of various provisions, and will tailor a shareholder agreement to suit your particular circumstances.

Succession Planning – Dentists pour years into their practice and often build a loyal patient base. This patient base is of significant value to a potential buyer. A comprehensive estate plan can serve to preserve the value of your practice during a time of disability or in the event of your demise.

Our Dental Law Group also has experience in the following areas:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Locum tenens agreements
  • Marriage contracts
  • Tax planning
  • General advisory services

We invite you to download “Your Guide to a Healthy Dental Office” a must read for all dentists.


For further information or assistance on dental law and a full list of our lawyers for dentists, please visit the menu at the right or call our office at (416) 449-1400

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