Fraud Recovery & Employee Fraud

Employee fraud is more common than you might realize. It can take the form of spending company funds on personal expenses, manipulating financial records for personal reasons and even selling business property on the sly. If you believe an employee is engaged in this type of misconduct, acting fast can save you and your company greater losses and increase the chances that evidence will be available to catch the guilty party.

Importance of Protecting Your Company’s Interests

Protecting your company from employee fraud is about more than recovering lost funds or property. If an employee is allowed to get away with fraud for long enough, their theft may become bolder and the losses greater. Significant losses do not just affect the overall bottom-line but also the company’s total health including the ability to make improvements, expand operations and offer employment opportunities.

Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF) understands the importance of protecting your company for you, the future of your business and your entire staff. We have successfully represented employers in matters of employee fraud, embezzlement, and misappropriation of funds. Our detailed knowledge of all aspects of employment law including the rights of both the employer and employee, help us to represent your interests and defend against attacks from the other side.


Pursuing Employee Misconduct

DSF has represented employers in many cases involving employee fraud, embezzlement, and defalcation. Our experience includes high-dollar amount cases such as when we represented an employer whose employee had stolen $2.2 million in a cheque fraud scheme. Work on cases such as this has helped us to find and utilize appropriate evidence to lead to a satisfying conclusion including the return of funds.

Real Property Title Fraud: In matters of title fraud, the employee has unlawfully sold a property that has not belonged to them or taken out a mortgage on that property as if they owned it.

Mortgage Fraud: Mortgage fraud covers a range of misrepresentation issues that can occur with a mortgage. This type of crime involves giving false information on a loan application to either get a loan (or a larger loan) that would not have been issued without the false information.

Supervising Solicitor on Anton Piller and Norwich Orders: We help prevent key evidence from being destroyed by helping you obtain this order which allows for a property to be searched and evidence to be taken without prior warning.

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