Human Rights Litigation

As the laws surrounding human rights evolve, your company may find itself dealing with new legal issues.  To ensure that your company is compliant with changing human rights laws, your company can benefit from legal assistance from professionals who are well-versed in provincial and federal human rights laws. When your company needs a human rights lawyer, Toronto business owners can rely on the expert help of the Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF) team.

Changing Human Rights Laws

The Ontario Human Rights Code and the federal Canadian Human Rights Act provide extensive protections and legal recourse for individuals who have advanced a human rights claim, giving companies even more need for a human rights lawyer. Toronto’s human-rights disputes are now overseen by specialized Tribunals at both the provincial and federal levels. As such, many individuals and companies may find themselves involved in a human rights claim – whether as the individual whose rights have been breached, or as the individual/company who has been accused of discrimination.

It is important for companies to have a plan to accommodate individuals with disabilities.  However, while this is something for which we should all strive, this can be challenging for many companies.  DSF can help your business understand its human rights obligations and assist with any accommodation or other human rights issues which may arise.

A DSF human rights lawyer can help determine whether a human rights complaint advanced against your company is likely to be successful.  Additionally, we can draft necessary documents, negotiate on your behalf and represent you at mediations and Tribunal hearings to defend your company’s rights.

Have Your Human Rights Been Breached?

In addition to representing companies, DSF is also experienced in fighting for individuals whose human rights have been breached in the workplace, by a landlord, by a school or university, and so on. We are committed to getting you the justice or compensation you deserve whenever your rights are compromised.

We will strive to ensure that you receive an appropriate remedy for your claim, which could include:

  • Financial compensation, such as general or special damages
  • Non-financial remedies, such a reinstatement to your job or an apology
  • Public interest remedies, such as an order requiring a company to change their hiring practices

Furthermore, if your human rights issue is linked to any other legal matter, including employment, as a full-service firm, we have the skills to handle all aspects of your claim.

Have You Been Accused of a Breach of Human Rights?

When you have been accused of a human rights violation, you need a knowledgeable and compassionate human rights lawyer.  Toronto area employers and employees who are facing these accusations can rely on the DSF team to help you navigate the complex legal process surrounding human rights.

Our extensive experience on both sides of human rights litigation gives us a unique and valuable knowledge base to defend you or your company. We will work with you to defend your rights and minimize financial and emotional costs.

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