Immigration Law Consequences of Separation or Divorce

Immigration Law Consequences of Separation or Divorce

Immigration Law Consequences of Separation or Divorce

Podcast #26 - Immigration Law Consequences of Separation or Divorce.

The Ontario Family Law Podcast deals with issues related to marriage, separation, divorce, child welfare and even some children's rights issues. The main host is John Schuman, a family lawyer, mediator, arbitrator and collaborative lawyer and the partner managing the Family Law Group at Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF).

In family law, it is common that a marriage or common-law relationship breaks down shortly after the couple comes to Canada. When that happens, the family law issues may be difficult, but not as difficult as the immigration law issues that arise. When a recently immigrated couple breaks up in Canada, one or both of them may deported, or the spouse who was already in Canada may have to pay tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the other spouse and that is before there is any discussion of spousal support or child support.

The Ontario Family Law Podcast: Common Law Separation and Property Division

[Podcast #26] Immigration Law Consequences of Separation and Divorce

This edition of the podcast, features noted immigration lawyer and head of the immigration law group at DSF, Asher Frankel. He explains the immigration law consequences of relationship break down. Specifically, he looks at the effect of the separation on the Sponsorship Undertaking and on Conditional Permanent Residence status. Asher as prepared slides, which will show up on your screen on the iTunes version of the podcast.

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