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Your labour force is an important part of keeping your company running, but labour disputes, union issues and other similar matters can cause major problems when not handled properly.

At Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF), we can assist your organization to seek satisfactory resolutions to a wide range of labour law concerns. We provide strategic advice and representation for employers in all areas of labour law including:

Union Organizing

Whether you are seeking to prevent a union from forming or need help navigating union labour relations, DSF can help you. Our labour lawyers effectively represent employers in certification applications and unfair labour practice complaints before labour boards. Proper representation at this stage can help minimize the impact a union may have on your business.

Additionally, we can help your company foster better employee relations with targeted employment policies, contracts and strategies. By helping your employees to feel heard and supported in their needs, the threat of union intervention and formation can be avoided.

Collective Bargaining

Whether negotiating a collective agreement, interpreting the collective agreement, or preparing for interest arbitration, DSF can help. Our lawyers can assist your company to negotiate collective agreements that maintain positive labour relations, while meeting the needs of the business.


A strike, lockout or injunction is an extremely stressful time for all parties. With tensions high, our DSF lawyers are here to help resolve the situation in as fast and fair a manner as possible.

DSF provides a full range of legal assistance throughout this process. We advise employers on their rights under provincial and federal labour laws during strikes, lockouts and picketing by union members. Additionally, we help employers develop effective communication and business continuity plans in preparation for a work stoppage. We then represent employers before the labour board with respect to unfair labour practice complaints and the courts for labour injunctions.

Grievance Arbitration

DSF provides employers with comprehensive labour law advice and representation throughout the grievance arbitration process. This includes discipline, discharge, contracting out, classification, management rights, benefits, human rights and accommodation grievances.

Help from a Qualified Labour Lawyer, Toronto

No matter where you are with your labour relations and other labour law matters, DSF has the experience your company needs to reach a beneficial resolution. Schedule a consultation by calling (416) 449-1400 to discuss labour injunctions, grievance arbitrations, union organizing, collective bargaining, strikes or lockouts or contact directly one of the lawyers listed on the right side of this page.

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