Mediation Services


Rule 24.1 of the Rules of Civil Procedure establishes mandatory mediations for civil, non-family actions in Toronto, Ottawa and Essex County (Windsor). The mandatory mediation program is designed to help the parties resolve disputes early in the litigation process, thereby saving them both time and money.

Over 95 percent of lawsuits settle; however many of them settle late in the litigation process, after the parties have incurred substantial legal expense.

Rule 24.1 applies to most civil actions. The mediation must take place within 180 days after the first defence is filed, unless the parties obtain a court order abridging or extending the time. Parties may opt out of mediation only by obtaining a court order exempting them. At least 7 days before the mediation, the parties must provide the mediator and all other parties to the lawsuit with a Statement of Issues, which identifies the issues in dispute and the parties’ positions and interests. The pleadings and any documents of central importance to the case must be included. After the session, the mediator must complete and file a report on the outcome of the mediation.

Our law offices are conveniently located in TorontoWhitby and Barrie. We have ample meetings rooms for mediations, and refreshments are available at each location. Each location has ample free parking.

For further information about our mediation services, please contact one of our mediators.

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