Year of Call 1974 Education McMaster University
University of Western Ontario
Location Midland

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Family lawyer Martin Prost joined Devry Smith Frank (“DSF”) as a result of the merger of our firms in 2022. Martin acquired his law degree at the University of Western Ontario and was called to the bar in 1974.

Martin understands the complexities of navigating a separation, especially when there are children involved. This is why he has invested over 30 years in developing his capacity for conflict mediation by attending courses in Divorce and Child Custody Mediation CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado, and Alternative Dispute Resolution at the University of Windsor.

Many of Martin’s clients have tried everything to save their marriages however sometimes tensions only increase. Often, starting with something as simple as a divorce counseling session, either alone or with a partner gives both parties the relief of being able to articulate their problems. This provides a space to explore options and the legal consequences of any choices they decide to make. If they decide that separation is the best or only answer, they could receive help in negotiating a separation agreement. Couples can work together on this but at the same time, they have the option of obtaining separate independent legal advice while this happens. Most clients are surprised at how quickly the level of misunderstanding and mistrust can be reduced, to at least form a working relationship.

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