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Buying and selling property is one of the biggest undertakings many of us will ever take. Not only is there a great deal of money exchanged, you also have to take into consideration the condition of the property, tenants you might have, the land your property sits on and a variety of other factors. To protect your investment from all these variables, you need a real estate lawyer who can navigate the laws and produce contracts and results that will benefit you now and into the future.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Real estate law encompasses a range of issues based on the property type. At DSF, we pride ourselves on providing expert representation and consultation in all of these areas, including:

  • Residential property
  • Recreational property
  • Rural property
  • Commercial property
  • Investment property
  • Mortgage, financing and refinancing

Additionally, we also provide expert representation in:

  • Applications for variance
  • Encroachment agreements
  • Land Titles applications
  • Plans of subdivision
  • Sale and purchase contracts

Financing Arrangements:

Financial arrangements represent a large part of real estate transactions and the DSF lawyers are here to ensure you get the financing you need to secure your property. We are adept at handling the following types of financing:

  • Private financings
  • Institutional mortgages
  • Debentures

We have also worked with institutional lenders in connection with mortgages, debentures, small business loans and other secured financing.

Why hire a DSF Real Estate Lawyer – Toronto

DSF’s decades of experience have trained us to expertly handle residential, commercial and industrial planning and development. Additionally, we will navigate legal matters associated with construction, leasing, financing and condominiums.

We are also able to help with obtaining a title insurance policy. A title insurance policy helps to protect buyers and lenders from issues caused by defects or other issues when there is a title transfer. DSF can assist you in drafting this policy and consult with you on the features you need most in your policy.

Responsive Client Service

At DSF, dealing directly with a lawyer is your right. The lawyers and support staff assigned to you will make it a top priority to respond to your questions in a timely fashion to ensure you get the support you need. This personal approach means we can better understand your needs and provide practical solutions quickly.

For further information or assistance from a DSF real estate lawyer, please contact one of our real estate lawyers listed below. For online resources visit Real Estate law videos page

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