Gerry Hyman


Gerry is a sole practitioner of Gerry Hyman Law. He was a long time director and a past president of Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI). He is an author of the seven editions of Condominium Handbook published by CCI. Gerry has acted as lawyer for hundreds of condominium corporations and for numerous condominium unit owners. He was a member of the joint committee of CCI and the Association of Condominium Managers that made presentations to the Government of Ontario in regard to the passage of the original Condominium Act and in regard to the current amendments to the Act. Gerry is presently the condominium columnist for the Toronto Star and his bi-weekly question and answer column appears in the Homes and Condos section of the Saturday Star.

Gerry is a sole practitioner and is not affiliated with Devry Smith Frank LLP. For more information about Gerry Hyman please visit his website.

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