Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder Disputes

When shareholder or partnership disputes occur, the difficulties often go far beyond just legal concerns. These disputes represent a breakdown of what is often a close working relationship with friends, family and partners.

Facing financial concerns combined with the potential loss of close personal relationships, these disputes require delicate maneuvering and care to minimize damage to one’s health, finances and personal interests.

Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF) understand the intricacies of shareholder disputes and will work to reduce the financial and personal stress that our clients experience.

Why do Shareholder Disputes Occur?

In many cases, the dispute will involve oppression of the minority shareholders or struggles for control over a business by its officers and directors. However, other times, it means the end of a prosperous business which has taken on a personality of its own that can no longer be run as is with the current partners.

DSF Lawyers are well versed in navigating these issues including the ins and outs of the appropriate laws and legislation concerning partnership disputes.

Experienced Commercial Litigators

Whenever possible, it is best to keep these disputes out of court to minimize certain financial and emotional aspects. However, should court proceedings become necessary, DSF lawyers are well versed in all court processes.

Our experienced lawyers know how and when to be aggressive and when to be diplomatic in our approach to commercial litigation. The nuances of these approaches can make a dramatic difference in the outcome and obtaining the ruling that is most beneficial to you.

A Diverse Team for Your Dispute Needs

As a full-service law firm, DSF has access to an entire team of legal professionals including lawyers with experience in corporate law, tax law, business valuation and other important areas. With our network, you get comprehensive representation that would often require outside contractors at other law firms. This produces beneficial results, faster processing and an overall better experience.

Scheduling your Consultation

If you are experiencing a partnership or shareholder dispute, DSF can help. Our knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers are here to make sure your dispute is handled as quickly, efficiently and sensitively as possible.