Education Law

Education Law

Qualified Education Lawyers To Ensure A Safe Learning Environment For All

With the ongoing turmoil and changes within the educational system, it is more important than ever to know the rights of students. At Devry Smith Frank LLP, we use our expertise as education lawyers to fight for learning environments free of bullying, harassment and other roadblocks to a quality experience for all children.

Our knowledgeable team has successfully fought for the rights of children across Ontario in cases of harassment, suspension, special needs accommodation and other important legal matters facing today’s youth.

Education Lawyers to Meet Your Child’s Needs

As experienced education lawyers, the lawyers of DSF know students of all ages face a variety of challenges at school, home and in their social lives on a regular basis. We make it our mission to ensure that these difficulties are never made worse by working to resolve and seek justice for legal matters that fall beyond normal childhood concerns.

We are experienced in educational cases of all levels, including expertise in the following areas:

Children with Special Needs: If your child is not receiving the accommodations they require to learn successfully, DSF’s educational lawyers will work to get the provisions they need including additional assistance, specialized learning materials and physical accommodations as needed.

Education and Children’s Rights: With regulations and laws varying between school boards and between public and private institutions, our educational lawyers have the skills to navigate the system and get your child the justice they need in cases of bullying, accommodations and more.

Bullying in Schools: As society and the educational system continues to heighten awareness surrounding bullying in schools, our team can help your child receive justice in matters of school harassment.

Discipline: When a school disciplines a child, college or university student, it has a responsibility to ensure that punishment is fair and that proper provisions are given to allow the student to contest the punishment. If your child’s school has not fulfilled these requirements, the lawyers at DSF will seek restitution and correction of the situation as needed.

Choosing Devry Education Lawyers

Our skilled team of lawyers know the importance of a quality education, free of harassment and other obstructions. It is our goal to ensure each student affected by unlawful conduct by a school system or fellow student receives the justice they deserve.

For help in all legal educational matters, contact the DSF educational lawyers at 416-449-1400.