Condo Law

Condo Law

Condominium Lawyers at Devry Smith Frank LLP

Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF) regularly provides effective and efficient legal advice and dispute resolution services to developers, investors, lenders, mortgage brokers, buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers, condominium managers, and many other stakeholders in the condominium industry. As a member of Geneva Group International (GGI), we are able to offer knowledgeable legal counsel in more than one hundred countries.

Condo Lawyers – Litigation and Disputes

The continuous growth throughout the pre-construction, building, and sales and purchase market within the condominium sector has brought about an increasing need for lawyers specializing in all areas of condominium law, including condominium litigation. DSF has the specialized knowledge and expertise necessary to resolve disputes and oversee mediation in all areas of condominium law.

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Condo Lawyers for Condominium Board Members

Toronto’s booming condominium market recently sparked legal changes which require training prior to joining a condominium’s board of directors. Our condominium lawyers can help prospective and current board members resolve disputes, whether arising from the new regulations, or otherwise.

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Other Common Condominium Legal Issues

Legal concerns can arise at any stage of the condominium development, building and sales and purchase spectrum. DSF offers expert advice in a responsive manner. Our expertise spans the following areas, among others:

  • Concerns of Misrepresentation
  • Construction and Pre-Construction
  • Development and Financing
  • Employee Disputes
  • Financial Disputes
  • Fraud Claims
  • Operating Costs and Disputes
  • Property Management
  • Purchasing and Reselling
  • Regulatory Disputes
  • Tenant Disputes

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