Fraud Litigation

Fraud Litigation

When you are a victim of fraud, you need a team of legal experts who are able to get you the justice and legal compensation you deserve to begin moving on from the incident. At Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF), we work with both individuals and companies to navigate complex matters of fraud litigation to get satisfactory outcomes as efficiently as possible.

Have You or Your Company Been the Victim of Fraud?

With criminals consistently using technology and other resources to construct new ways of defrauding individuals and companies, it can sometimes be difficult to know if what you have experienced constitutes fraud.

At DSF, our fraud litigation lawyers stay in touch and up to date with all fraud types and the changing laws surrounding fraud. Our team can assess your situation and any legal contracts you have to determine if fraud has occurred and the best way to go about rectifying the situation.

Legal representation is especially important as the number of fraud cases continues to rise. Because of this increase, many cases are now considered civil matters instead of criminal ones which can hinder how much compensation you receive. Our team is well-versed in both civil and criminal fraud litigation and can work with you or your company to ensure maximum recovery is awarded.

Types of Fraud Litigation Cases and Legal Procedures

Fraud litigation covers a broad spectrum of civil and criminal offenses. DSF fraud litigation lawyers are able to represent the rights of individuals and companies in all fraud litigation matters, including:

  • Mortgage fraud and fraudulent conveyances
  • Investment fraud
  • Real Estate fraud
  • Employee theft and dishonesty
  • Specialized legal procedures, including: Obtaining Norwich orders, Mareva injunctions, Tracing Orders and Freezing of bank accounts

Who do We Represent?

DSF Fraud Litigation team represents a wide range of clients including:

  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Small corporations
  • Individuals

Our Fraud Litigation Team

When you choose DSF fraud litigation lawyers, you also get a comprehensive network of non-legal fraud experts including: forensic accountants, computer technicians, private investigators, and bailiffs. By bringing together both legal and non-legal professionals, you get unmatched representation and research capabilities behind you and your case to ensure the best outcomes and solutions.

If you or your company have been a victim of fraud, or suspect fraud, the DSF fraud litigation team is here for you. We are ready and able to guide you through this complicated process in order to defend your rights and maximize recovery.

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