Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF) is the largest full service law firm outside of the Toronto downtown core.

It has always been our practice’s guiding principle to build on our relationships with individuals and their businesses, making them the cornerstone on which our firm was built. And build it they did – organically, person to person, one client at a time. Please review some of our testimonials below.

“My spouse and I have been working with Robert for more than 25 years. He has handled real estate, wills, powers of attorney, and other matters for us. His advice has been both wise and helpful. I have heard this from several friends and family members who are clients of his as well. His integrity and wisdom are of the highest standards. I would be happy to recommend Robert to my friends or others who need his services. ”

Malcolm Seath

“Elisabeth and Shawna: Your advice and guidance was most productive, and I thank you very much. You both were professional, and equally important, down to earth in guiding me to a successful and inexpensive result.”

Chris Davies

“I worked with Elisabeth Colson to set up a fairly complex partnership structure for my business and she did an excellent job for me. She is patient and took the time to understand my business requirement, provided invaluable legal advises along the way, suggested precise legal language to describe the business intention and considered the interest of all stakeholders in the partnership. Overall I’m thrilled with the work she did and would highly recommend her service.”

Jessica G

“If I could offer one piece of advice for those contemplating separation… See John Schuman and Todd Slonim first!. If I would have used their services from the beginning of my separation the outcome would have been very different. I was self represented until the final stages of my court experience, what John, Todd, and the rest of the team did to finalize my long, stressful, upsetting separation was nothing short of miraculous. They are the best in the business.”

Amanda Bouley

“Mr. Schuman, I just wanted to thank you so much for your help today. You were so professional, so contained and calm, which made me feel very calm too. With my previous counsels I was a wreck in court, their nervousness and negative views made me feel terrible. Especially the preparation prior going to court, which was so unnecessarily tedious and stressful! Thank you so much! God bless you and your loved ones! I thank God every day for sending you in my life.”

Florentina Iofcea

“The executive team at Diproinduca Canada Limited is very pleased with the outstanding services we got from the immigration team at DSF. In particular, Asher Frankel did a wonderful job in securing a work permit for a key executive in our company. He is extremely knowledgeable and was always ready to answer any question we had during the process. We gladly recommend his professional services to others.”

Gary Sherkey

“My wife and I reached out to Asher Frankel and Wendy Ho for help in securing my Permanent Residency. Their timelines on receiving Sponsorship Approval and Permanent Residency were accurate, which was an approval in less than a year from filing. Working with Asher and Wendy has been a pleasure. They have exceeded every expectation I had, and I would recommend them to my friends and family.”

Oscar Jackson

“My experience with Marty Rabinovitch was wonderful. I was very pleased with the service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable about employment law and took his time to explain the circumstances of my case. I found him to be honest, trustworthy , detailed, attentive, very thorough and hardworking with good and quick results. I would recommend him anytime.”


“We were thrilled with the work provided by Mr. Asher Frankel assisting our international graduates with their Canadian work permits. The Canadian immigration landscape has changed dramatically in the last year and the DSF team were up to date on all the latest changes. We highly recommend Mr. Frankel to anyone requiring expertise in this area. Thank you to everyone on the team.”

Pamela E.

“For the last 19 months I have been working with Wayne Wolfe and DSF for the settlement of my late brother’s estate. These individuals and your law firm are a complete class act. A more professional organization/group of people I don’t believe I could have found. Devry Smith Frank LLP has been at the forefront in helping me make all the right decisions. I want to thank everyone at Devry Smith Frank LLP sincerely for everything they have done.”

Aldo Scali

“A friend referred me to Devry, Smith and Frank LLP in 2005 when I was looking for a real estate lawyer. Wayne Wolfe was my first point of contact with the firm; Wayne’s professionalism, attention to detail and expertise cemented a trusted relationship with DSF that continues nine years later. I would highly recommend both Wayne andDSF; you will feel confident having them by your side guiding you through the legal process.”

Stephanie C.

“John Schuman is a high quality human being. There are many people who would absolutely be thrilled to work for such an esteemed firm. DSF is lucky to have him. He is a considerate, compassionate, and extremely dedicated professional who gives 200%. One the things that I’ve heard about him around town is that he gives his all to his work, so I just wanted to let you know that he is very special person and I’m happy that he is considering the case of my poor, innocent children. Thank you.”


Devry Smith Frank LLP is the largest full service Toronto Law Firm located just north of the downtown core with plenty of Toronto lawyer testimonials.

“I cannot praise Marty enough and could not have asked for a better lawyer. The knowledge, advice, expertise and professionalism he displayed was second to none. The meetings I had were all conducted in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which ensured that all areas of my case were thoroughly addressed without being rushed. I would not hesitate to recommend Devry Smith Frank LLP to my family and friends. I wish the firm a long and continued success in the future.”

Baljit Johal

“After two unsuccessful attempts at obtaining a U.S. investor visa through another law firm, I was referred to Mr. Asher Frankel at DSF. He was very accommodating and worked around my challenging schedule. Under Asher’s guidance I was granted the visa on first attempt. Asher and his DSF team have my utmost confidence and I highly recommend their services.”

Bart Uzarowski, Azora Property Management

“Office Central has been dealing with Devry Smith Frank for the past 15 or more years, Our relationship has been nothing but professional and enjoyable. Being a vendor of many law firms, Devry Smith Frank is definitely up there as far as an overall top class experience, stemming from their Staff to their the Lawyers. This is a firm I would definitely recommend.”

Steve Katz

“We have worked with Devry Smith Frank LLP over many years, supplying them with office furniture and assisting them in finding unique and suitable office furniture solutions. Their facility staff have always treated us as true business partners and very professional project managers. We will enjoy our continued business relationship in the future.”

Deborah Gallant – Coopers Office Supply Ltd

“Marty – just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received from you, regarding my employment dismissal package. Your attention to this was speedy and painless for me. The effort on your part was seamless, and to receive increased benefits in such a short space of time was appreciated. Most of all, you put me at ease, and it was a pleasure to work with someone who cared.”

Terry Davies

“I would like to thank you for representing me over the past few years. This has been one of the most challenging experiences for me and I know my case was not necessarily an easy task. Having your representation has put closure to that chapter of my life. Your positive attitude, wise council and efficiency brought this case to fruition. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who requires your expertise.”

Angella E.

“Asher and Wendy did a phenomenal job preparing the documents necessary for my work visa in a very short period of time. From the moment I received the job offer, they worked quickly, and exceeded every expectation I had going into this. Asher and I met to discuss the details of the permit, and I drove to the border that day to get the work permit authorized, which was successful. Asher has a way of simplifying the process, so all parties involved will feel comfortable moving forward.”

Oscar Jackson

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dejan for assisting with my personal injury lawsuit. Your considerable insight and professionalism was admirable. I appreciate your hard work and more importantly your dedication to my case. I would recommend Dejan and the DSF team without hesitation.”


“Marty proved himself to be a masterful lawyer. Given the fact that he was up against not one, but two very seasoned litigators, Marty clearly held his own with both of them. Marty was brilliant during examinations for discovery and offered me clear and important advice during the mediation. When it was all over, I walked away knowing that we had won the case. You can rest assured that I will always recommend Devry Smith Frank LLP and especially Mr. Rabinovitch.”

Rosemary Thompson

Devry Smith Frank LLP is the largest full service Toronto Law Firm located just north of the downtown core with plenty of Toronto lawyer testimonials.

“Marty, I just wanted to take this opportunity to formally thank you for handling my wrongful dismissal case. Starting from our initial meeting you were very professional, courteous and made a difficult situation much easier to handle. Your honesty throughout this whole procedure was very admirable. It would be my pleasure to recommend you and your firm.”


“I had the pleasure of hiring Marty Rabinovitch as my lawyer throughout a human rights case. The case was difficult but he turned all its weaknesses into strengths and treated the case with great levels of understanding, mature advising, and transparent feedback.

Nathalie Hamza

“We wanted to say thank you for working with us and obtaining the best possible outcome for me. We are extremely happy. May you and your family have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and have a New Year of health, peace and happiness.”

Gail G.

“Marc and Dejan, I would like to THANK YOU for all the hard work you have put in during the past 30 months in fighting my son’s case. You have handled the case very professionally and notified me at every stage on the progress of the case. I am glad that the case is finally settled and quite satisfied with the result. Thank you once again.”

Anwar Q

“Marc, I want to take this time to let you know, I am very happy with the job you have done for me.You and your staff never kept me waiting whenever I asked or inquired about anything. Thank you for always being there for me.”

Liz J

“Marc Spivak and his team are an absolute pleasure to have on your side. Having them deal with the insurers and their lawyers was such a relief. From my first meeting with Marc I was confident that I would be protected and my compensation fair, despite the insurers’ efforts! I refer all of my friends and associates to Marc and strongly recommend him to you, your family and friends.”

Lori Luke

“Thank you for all your amazing work, [Marc] and Jennifer have done on my case. I am very pleased with the outcome. I had a fabulous experience dealing with your firm. Everybody was so extremely efficient. I would highly recommend you on any personal injury matter!”


“I did not ask to be involved in a car accident; I did not ask to have such terrible insurance adjusters on my file; I did ask you to represent me. Thank God and thanks Marc for helping me at such a difficult time in my life.”

Heather B.

“I must confess that DSF is proficient, caring, dedicated and productive. You execute your legal matters in a prompt and timely fashion. Continue to support your clients efficiently as you embrace 2011.”

George W. and Vier G.

Your office was given this legal representation to work with [the insurance company] and come to a dispute settlement on my behalf, under the circumstance, I do believe that you have done well, and I appreciate all your efforts. I will recommend my friends to your office if they need legal representation. Thank you for a job well done.

Michael A.

“Marc , please accept my gratitude for your efforts and advice on behalf of Sarah and our entire family. My experience with Devry, Smith Frank LLP has been nothing but positive, seamless and effective. Thank you again.”

Mark Atyeo BA, FLMI, ACS Licensed Insurance Advisor Affinity Markets

Devry Smith Frank LLP is the largest full service Toronto Law Firm located just north of the downtown core with plenty of Toronto lawyer testimonials.

“On behalf of the family and my mother, I want to express our gratitude to the both of you for seeing my mom’s claim to a successful fruition. We sincerely appreciate your efforts in expediting the settlement and arranging for cheque availability prior to the holidays. Marc, thanks so much for your patience and for making yourselves ‘constantly’ available throughout this process…we know we can be a little demanding. Best Wishes and much success for the New Year!”

Angie C

“After a serious car accident, I contacted Mr. Spivak for assistance. Mr. Spivak supported me from the very first day he met me in Lyndhurst, confined to a wheelchair, until the day of settlement. It is my opinion that his eye for seemingly minor but important details (which could have been easily overlooked by others), his commanding presence during negotiations in and out of the courtroom, and his personal interest in your well-being, makes Mr. Spivak a top-class lawyer.”

Adri Kromhout

“Marc: Thank you again for being the best lawyer ever.”

Carol G.

“Marc, I just want to say thank you for how far you have come through for me with my case. You may probably say ‘You are just doing your job’ but I bet you care about the welfare of your clients more than just doing a job.”

Comfort A.

“David Schell is very trustworthy, reliable & knowledgeable. He makes me feel very comfortable & always concerned about my well being. His friendly approach gives me the confidence that he will fight for your rights, no matter how difficult your case could be. His staff is great to work with, their knowledge & experience highly exceeded my expectations. He is my attorney forever and I would highly recommend using him if you need a personal injury lawyer.”

Dilhani Niles

“I was very impressed with John’s knowledge and his ability to explain things in a clear and concise manner. He’s a straight shooter that actually answers your questions and concerns, a rarity with family law attorneys. I would recommend him as a problem solver, an attorney that will get you from point A to point B, and lastly, who will be honest with you without trying to be vague, coy, or talk in circles.”


“John has provided legal service for me in Family Matters in the past… with great success in my matter! John was thorough and current with Family Matters, always helpful and direct, keeping the matter on track. I strongly recommend John if you require legal advice and services in the area of Family Law!”


“[John] have been very helpful and reassuring throughout this process and I would like to thank you… If ever I (or anyone I care about) needs family law, I will most certainly direct them [to DSF]. Thank you very much for everything…”


“Sincere thanks and deep gratitude to DSF and John Schuman for their tireless effort and commitment in resolving a very difficult family law matter. Their support and expertise got me the result I needed – one that has finally granted me the freedom and safety to rebuild my life and family. Thank you. I don’t know what I would have done without help.”


“[George did] very good work [on this mediation]. I appreciated the sensitivity and respect that [he] showed toward [my clients] and this claim.”


Devry Smith Frank LLP is the largest full service Toronto Law Firm located just north of the downtown core with plenty of Toronto lawyer testimonials.

“Wayne and Marty, our family wishes to thank you and express our respect for your professional guidance, knowledge, integrity, commitment and determination. You both have assisted in resolving contentious issues throughout the past year. Also, we have a wider path to follow for the challenging future. The results have been excellent. We highly recommend Devry Smith Frank LLP.”


“We have worked with both Marty Rabinovitch and Wayne Wolfe on different legal matters over the past couple of years. We have found their service to be excellent in all ways from their professional approach to their personal insight. I would recommend Wayne as very experienced, skilled and knowledgeable and Marty as a very bright, skilled and hardworking lawyer. I will continue to use the services of Devry Smith Frank LLP and these two lawyers as needs require.”

Patrick & Sue Smith

“I would like to express my thanks to Larry Keown and his team for their hard work and dedication in resolving a long and complicated employment matter. DSF is a law firm with great integrity, they truly demonstrated that they had my best interest at heart.”

Ms. K

“Larry, just wanted to take this time to thank you for the excellent and professional service I have received from you and your team of Shawna and Kim. I accept the results and I have spoken very highly of you and your firm and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone I know who requires it. Again, thank you so much for treating me like a person and not some random number.”

Michael F.

“My anxiety and preoccupation when looking for appropriate legal advice were easily saved with Mr. Marty Rabinovitch at Devry Smith Frank LLP. I felt very respected and supported as a client – it was a truly successful partnership! I would recommend the services of Mr. Rabinovitch without hesitation, given his expertise and professionalism. Likewise, I know where to go again if necessary.”


“Throughout the past year, I have had the opportunity to work with Marty Rabinovitch with regard to a Human Rights Tribunal case, along with a Small Claims Court action for wrongful dismissal. I would like to sincerely thank Marty and Devry Smith Frank LLP for their hard work and dedication to my case, and for the success of my legal venture.”


“Heartfelt thanks to Marty and Devry Smith Frank LLP for their assistance in the successful settlement of my wrongful dismissal case. At every step, Marty clearly spelled out my options and what he believed was the best way forward, clearly explaining the implications but most importantly always alluding to the legal strength of my case. I found him to be knowledgeable, very prompt and well organized. The outcome in my favour bears witness to Marty’s ability to get results. ”


“We have utilized the services of Larry Keown’s team at DSF for over 5 years on a variety of tenant disputes and related real estate matters. Larry’s team consistently provides prompt, practical and business-minded advice and service in an extremely cost-effective manner with a view to the best possible resolution. Our group of companies could not have a better team of lawyers acting on its behalf. We are confident in recommending Larry’s team to any individual or corporation seeking extremely efficient and effective representation.”

Jeffrey Winick – Smart Centres –

“Devry, Smith & Frank LLP has advised Stewart Title on a variety of legal matters including those related to corporate and real estate law. We have found their advice to be both practical from a business perspective and legally accurate. The results we have obtained have been positive and we are pleased to be continuing to work with them. We would recommend their services to anyone looking for knowledgeable and effective legal advice.”

K.Decker, V.P. Underwriting & Legal – Stewart Title Guaranty Company –

“Devry, Smith & Frank LLP has provided sound legal advice to Healthtech in matters such as incorporation, corporate restructuring, and succession planning. Healthtech relies on Devry, Smith & Frank as a valuable partner to provide us with advice to keep our business going. We have every confidence in the legal services that Devry, Smith & Frank LLP provide and would highly recommend their services.”

Susanne M. Flett, President – Healthtech –

“Searching for the right lawyers that fit your personality, your attitude and your approach to life is no feat. I was truly lucky to have found Larry Keown and Shawna Sosnovich who were empathic and genuine toward my heartache. Their professionalism and expertise provided me with the comfort and security needed to face my challenges and their hard work and loyalty helped us arrive to a gratifying resolution.”

Ms. Robbie Mizrahi

“Elisabeth and Shawna, I wanted to extend a huge “thank you” to both of you for your time this afternoon. I really appreciate the thought and consideration that went into reviewing my situation. I can tell you that for the first time in a while, I will sleep well tonight. I now feel confident that I’m on track and understand my legal rights. All the best.”


Devry Smith Frank LLP is the largest full service Toronto Law Firm located just north of the downtown core with plenty of Toronto lawyer testimonials.

“I am very pleased with Devry, Smith & Frank LLP. Shawna, you handled my wrongful dismissal claim with professionalism and promptness. You never failed to inform me of any new developments. The settlement was to my complete satisfaction. You certainly saved me a lot of worrying and for that alone I am truly appreciative. I would certainly recommend you and your firm to my friends and family.”


“Shawna, as you know, we do appreciate the work you have done, and the advice you have provided to complete this case successfully for us, and to be sensitive to the needs of both your clients.”


“We have worked with William Smith and his team for more than twenty years. Through our good years and recessions, company growth and restructuring and international expansions, Bill and his team have always been there for us with valuable and thoughtful advice . Over all these years they have been an integral part of our corporate thinking and strategic planning. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a corporate partner and not just a law firm.”

Gordon Dorrett – Forrec Ltd. –

“We have been a client of Devry, Smith and Frank LLP for over fifteen years. Over that time we have utilized the services of many of the different lawyers in the firm, including Larry Keown, Bill Smith, as well as others. We have found everyone to be very dedicated and professional at everything they do. We have always been extremely satisfied with the results achieved. We recommend DSF and their team of professionals very highly and will continue to use them for all our future legal needs.”

Paul Killen – Digital Plus Group –

“Elisabeth Colson worked with us in crafting an intercompany service agreement important to our business needs. She asked questions of us and in short order understood exactly what we needed and why and put together this agreement in a timely and professional manner. We were very pleased with her work and look forward to our continuing relationship with her and her firm.”

Gary Sherkey, Diproinduca Group

“The lawyers at Devry, Smith & Frank are extremely competent. Our main contacts at the firm are Mark Korn, Elisabeth Colson and Bill Smith. The execution of the work has always been prompt, accurate and fairly priced. Devry, Smith & Frank is a top tier law firm and are our first choice for any matter we need attended to. They have served us very well.”

David Marx, Central Machinery & Metals/Greenway Industries/Victory Metals Inc.

“We have worked with the corporate team at Devry, Smith & Frank for over 20 years. They have demonstrated an understanding of our business and of our corporate objectives, and their advice has been both practical and legally accurate. We have relied upon Devry, Smith & Frank’s assistance with many different types of corporate transactions and have consistently found them to be cost-effective and responsive. We would recommend their services without hesitation.”

Victor J. Deschenes, O.M.C., PRESIDENT AND CEO Expedite Plus

“Devry, Smith and Frank LLP is an excellent law firm with a dedicated and highly professional team of professionals. Mr. William Smith and Mr. Larry Keown have represented my business interests in an exemplary fashion. I was also highly satisfied with the work of Mr. Wayne Wolfe who represented our real estate interests. I highly recommend the firm and their team of lawyers and plan to keep using them in the future.”

Dr. Roger Sen – Family Health Centre

“We have been clients of Devry, Smith & Frank for the past 10 years. Both Larry Keown and Lawrence Hansen have provided us with invaluable advice on various corporate legal matters. We retained their services on a number of occasions; all of which were positively resolved. We are confident with the team and will not hesitate to seek their counsel in the future.”

Ada and Tony Cheng – Glen Rouge Homes –

“Working as a bailiff, I have worked with my fair share of lawyers, some good some bad. Right when Mr. Larry Keown and I met, it was immediately a great relationship. We receives calls all the time from people not knowing exactly what to do with legal problems. For years now, we have referred those calls to Larry and his team. It is comforting to know that when we do refer someone, not only does it make us look good in their eye’s, but we know they will be taken care of in a competent manner, thanks Larry!”

Wayne Cooke –

“In 1988, Devry, Smith and Frank LLP moved into a 3620 square foot unit in our building – a little law firm intending to grow. Watching them do just that has been an amazing journey. Today the firm occupies over 23,000 square feet in the building and they are also our lawyers of choice. Over the past twenty-one (21) years, I have personally worked with many of the lawyers and I have been very proud to have each of them by my side.”

Ms. Martha Handley – Samuel Sarick Limited – – Landlord of DSF

“The Devry, Smith & Frank legal team has provided support, legal advice & representation to INTO-ELECTRONICS INC. and me, personally, for more than 15 years. The organization has provided outstanding service, and has met our expectations at all times. We have used them in a variety of situations including: disputes, business acquisitions, client collections and some personal issues such as wills and estates. We continue to use them on a day to day basis. I highly recommend the Devry, Smith & Frank legal team including their partners and associates.”


“We have worked successfully with DSF on everything from employee matters -Elisabeth Colson, to litigation -Larry Keown, to shares reorganization -William Smith. All matters have been dealt with efficiently, and to our satisfaction. We appreciate DSF‘s cost effective approach to our legal representation. Larry’s intuition and keen sense of timing was pivotal in resolving a particular matter. I would highly recommend DSF and their team of professionals for all business legal issues.”

Ken Apple – Action Paper & Packaging Co. Ltd. –

“In regards to the professional service given to us by DSF and Mr. Larry Keown. It was with great pleasure to deal with such an outstanding law firm and with professional lawyers that care. We thank you for your time and for taking the pressure off of our family. As well as the out come. GREAT JOB!”

Tim Gill on behalf of Donna Sim

“I enjoyed working with Devry, Frank and Smith over the past couple of years. Their expertise and service are on par with the Bay Street firms but without the high prices.”

Louis H.

Devry Smith Frank LLP is the largest full service Toronto Law Firm located just north of the downtown core with plenty of Toronto lawyer testimonials.

“We have been a client of Devry, Smith & Frank for over 20 years. We started out with our small business needs and over the years we have realized that DSF is capable of handling any type of business or personal legal needs. It is a pleasure to deal with a law firm with ethical, smart, dedicated barristers and solicitors like Larry Keown, Bill Smith, Marc Spivak, and Wayne Wolfe. If anyone out there uses the firm after reading this note you will know soon enough why I spent the time to write this small appreciation letter.”

Kass Mulla – Ashley Wood Turning Limited

“We have worked with William Smith and his team for more than twenty years. Through our good years and recessions, company growth and restructuring and international expansions, Bill and his team have always been there for us with valuable and thoughtful advice. Over all these years they have been an integral part of our corporate thinking and strategic planning. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a corporate partner and not just a law firm.”

Gordon Dorrett – Forrec Ltd. –

“The lawyers at Devry Smith Frank LLP have impressed me with their specialized knowledge of circumstances unique to dental professionals. I used them to set up my orthodontics practice and highly recommend them to my colleagues. This really is a firm dedicated to client satisfaction and client success!”

Dr. Mark Nalbandian

“I thank you (John Schuman) with all my heart, yes you got paid for all of your hard work and dedication but I just don’t know how much I appreciate what you have done for our son, [my husband] and I.”

S. M.

John Schuman stuck to it in a case that had many twists and turns. Many thanks for a great job!

Lawrence Sauder

“Marty Rabinovitch was selected as my legal counsel after noticing his stellar results for another office colleague. His results on my file exceeded my expectations and demonstrated his understanding of employment law, strategy and tactics. I was also impressed by his professionalism in responding to my emails and concerns on a timely basis. My belief in Marty in helping me resolve my legal issues was well worth the investment.”


“Robert Adourian has been assisting my clients with their legal needs for the past 20 years. Robert’s knowledge & his outstanding service to our mutual clients has been invaluable to me. Most real estate transactions run smoothly but occasionally issues can arise. Robert’s skill in dealing with issues is second to none and his genuine compassion and caring is always appreciated by our clients. Robert is a lawyer that I highly recommend to my clients, family and friends!”

Heather Griffiths, Sales Representative, RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Marc Spivak for many years and he is by far one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in country. When he takes on a file, you can be assured, that you will not only receive incredible service, but the kind of service, that can only be described as sincere and genuine. Marc has always been dedicated at achieving the most for his clients and he does, with incredible settlements. I would personally recommend him to anyone looking for a great Personal Injury lawyer.”

Jeffrey G.

“Marty R. and Stuart C. were able to help us with a challenging personal and business crisis. We are grateful for their professionalism and kindness (and that of their support staff). I would recommend their services to anyone facing an analogous situation. Thank you, gentlemen.”


“I wanted to thank you again for your work yesterday in very challenging circumstances. We were all very appreciative of the effort you put in to resolving this one. Thanks so much and see you next time!”


“I wanted to thank you again for your work yesterday in very challenging circumstances. We were all very appreciative of the effort you put in to resolving this one. Thanks so much and see you next time!”


The Toronto law firm of Devry Smith Frank LLP regularly adds Toronto lawyer testimonials from many of our satisfied clients.

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