Separation & Divorce


If you are at a point where you are searching for “divorce lawyers,” then you need professional consultation and representation to help you through this difficult time. Choosing to divorce or separate from a spouse can be an upsetting and exhausting experience as you untangle the emotional, financial and strategic factors in your relationship. To help you navigate this complex and frustrating experience, you need compassionate divorce lawyers who can minimize your losses and expedite the process.

At Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF), we match you with a divorce lawyer Toronto clients have relied on to understand both the legal aspects of divorce as well as the emotional and financial ones. Each of our divorce lawyers has the experience necessary to help you reach a peaceful resolution when possible and to fight for your rights even if the situation turns combative.


The most important thing to do when contemplating a divorce, is assess your emotional and financial state before going forward with a decision. All too often, one or both spouses are at a tense and emotional point when they first consider dissolving their marriage. While this does not mean it is a wrong decision, you will both need to take time after the emotions have settled down to ensure you feel the same way. To help you with this process, here are some steps to take when considering separation and divorce:

Get Perspective: In order to make sure this is the right decision for you and your spouse, you should consider getting outside help and input. While divorce is, ultimately, a matter for a couple to decide, others outside of the situation can sometimes offer sound advice and insight.

First, talk with other trusted friends and family members.  Those who are witness to your relationship may be able to tell you if it seems the situation does warrant divorce or not. However, be careful in who you choose to speak with. The friend who disliked your spouse from the second they met them, may not be able to give any kind of objective insight.

Similarly, do not involve children in this process. It can be tempting to speak with children about this situation as they are living in the household as well, but this has the potential to leave emotional scars and not get you any closer to the decision that is right for you.

Professional Counseling: If you have not done so already, consider seeking out professional marriage counseling. Counseling may not save the marriage, but it could help you get some issues out in the open and put you both in the right mindset to work with each other to a fair resolution.

Educate Yourself: When beginning the divorce or separation process, it is good to learn about this area of family law before hiring a divorce lawyer. Toronto area clients can refer to our Devry Smith and Frank LLP Guide to the Basics of Ontario Family Law. You do not need to know everything but being informed about the basics can help ease you through the process and allow you to feel more in control.

Know your Options: Not all divorce must be taken to a traditional courtroom setting. Separation may even be a preferable option for couples who are on friendly terms. Choosing this option may have some financial upsides for you and your spouse, including tax benefits.

However, if you are generally on good terms but you differ on what you would like to see as the final outcome, there is “Collaborative Family Law.” In collaborative practice, divorce lawyers, medical professionals and others work together to get to a peaceful conclusion. It is similar to an “uncontested divorce” but there is emphasis put on working together, versus no one fighting it. Both collaborative and uncontested divorce are likely to result in a faster and more affordable divorce process than going to court.

Finally, there is taking the divorce to court. This is typically reserved for couples where one or both partners are extremely angry and seeking to maximize damage or prevent the other spouse from getting their full rights.


First of all, yes, you do need a divorce lawyer. Toronto courts, for divorce and most other matters, strongly recommend an individual have professional legal representation. Attempting to represent yourself often leads to delays, confusion and easily avoided mistakes. DSF professionals can help you decide on the best course of action including which type of marriage resolution to seek.

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