Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Choosing a Criminal Lawyer – Toronto

Whether you have faced the glaring lights of a police vehicle during a DUI arrest or been accused of theft or assault, there are few things more terrifying than having criminal charges brought against you. With potential ramifications to your freedom and financial future in the balance, finding the right criminal defence lawyer is imperative to getting the justice you deserve.

Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSFcriminal lawyers have the experience and certifications necessary to help you get the best outcomes when you have legal charges brought against you. With our criminal defence lawyer team, we will work to have your charges reduced or dropped, preserving your time, money and freedom.

Results Driven Criminal Lawyer – Toronto

DSF criminal lawyers have the skills and knowledge to fight a wide range of charges and get you optimal results. Our team will work to find any and all possible defence options, seeking out the best solutions to meet your personal and financial needs.

Our experienced criminal defence lawyer team is able to get results even in the most difficult of cases. By identifying both comprehensive common and lesser known defences, we are able to help minimize charges and expenses for many of our clients.

To begin your initial consultation with a DSF criminal lawyer please contact our associates listed below.

Criminal Lawyers to Meet Your Needs

At DSF we service clients of all backgrounds facing a wide range of charges. From first-time offenders experiencing unexpected charges to clients facing repeat charges, we have criminal lawyers to meet all of your legal requirements. When choosing a DSF criminal lawyer, Toronto clients can receive aid defending against numerous charges, including the following:

  • Assault: sexual, domestic and with a weapon
  • Criminal driving charges including DUI
  • Fraud offences
  • Drug possession and offences
  • Theft both under and over $5000

Choosing a Devry Criminal Lawyer- Toronto

Our criminal lawyers can assist you in navigating the difficulties of both appeals and trials in criminal cases of all types. No matter your offence or the level of court that your case reaches, the DSF team has the background and capability to successfully represent and defend you.

DSF criminal lawyers ensure that every case we take receives the expertise it deserves to handle your legal matters in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.

To begin your initial consultation and find the right criminal lawyer, please contact us at (416) 449-1400.