DSF Newsletter Archive

DSF Newsletter Archive

DSF Newsletter Archive

DSF NewslettersFall Issue (2020-10-14): In this newsletter:

  • Aggregate Extraction Law
  • Sponsorship
  • News & Updates
    • Recent News & Events
  • Blogs
    • 3 important things to keep in mind when the Children’s Aid Society comes knocking
    • Four things you need to know about “Time shall be of the essence” in real estate transactions (especially in a pandemic!)
    • Filing a False Report in Canada
    • How a mediator can get you out of an impasse
    • Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association Expresses Support For Aggregate Approval Process
    • Determining the Child Support Obligations of a Step-Parent
  • DSF is growing
  • FAQ
  • Letter from our Managing Partner



DSF Newsletters Spring Issue Special COVID-19 Edition (2020-05-28): In this Newsletter:

  • COVID-19 Preventive Measures
  • Tax Planning
  • News and Updates
    • Recent News and Events
  • Blogs
    • COVID-19 – Employer and Employee Frequently Asked Questions
    • Canadian spouse? Travel to Canada during COVID-19
    • Force Majeure in the COVID-19 Era. Can it save your business?
    • How is COVID affecting child and spousal support in Ontario?
  • DSF is Growing
  • Locations
  • Letter from our Managing Partner


DSF Newsletters Winter Issue (2019-11-18) In this Edition:

  • My Ex-Spouse Refuses to Amend the Schedule and Allow Me to Take Our Child on Vacation. What Can I Do?
  • Medical Marijuana: Limits on Consumption in Unionized Workplaces
  • I’ve Been Arrested – Do I Have the Right to Talk to a Lawyer
  • My Uber Was Involved in a Collision and I Was Injured – Can I Be Compensated For My Injuries?
  • DSF is Growing
  • Letter From Managing Partner

DSF Newsletters Spring Issue (2019-05-15) In this Edition:

  • How Can I Obtain Custody of the Family Pet in My Divorce?
  • Changes to Impaired Driving Laws
  • I’m Preparing to Close on my Residential Mortgage
  • Events
  • DSF is Growing
  • DSF in the Community

DSF Newsletters Summer Issue (2018-09-25) In this Edition:

  • Part 1: The Construction Act-Proposed Changes to the Construction Lien Act
  • Trinity Western Decision
  • DSF in the Community
  • Upcoming Events
  • New Members of DSF

DSF Newsletters 2017 Corporate Newsletter In this Edition:

  • Recent Developments in Cyber Security Liability
  • Additional Record Keeping Requirements for Ontario Corporations
  • Oh Canada, Our Home and “Snow-Washed” Tax Haven!

DSF Newsletters 2017 Planning & Development Newsletter In this Edition:

  • Pits, Quarries, and Consultation

DSF Newsletters 2016 Spring/Summer Issue In this Edition:

  • New Office in Barrie
  • Reduced Car Insurance Limits
  • Upcoming Events
  • Why You Need a Tax Lawyer
  • Court of Appeal Awards Over $200,000 For Breach of fixed-term Employment Contract
  • DSF in the Community
  • Can I Get a Divorce Without My Spouse’s Consent?
  • DSF is Growing Again

DSF Newsletters 2016 Winter Issue In this Edition:

  • Announcements
  • Key tax and estate planning issues for 2016 and beyond
  • DSF’s Recent Results
  • Paramedics, police officers, firefighters and other first responders get a special practice group at DSF
  • DSF is growing again
  • DSF in the Community

DSF Newsletters 2015 Winter Issue In this Edition:

  • What DSF Can Do for Your Start-up Business?
  • Breaching Confidentiality Provisions of a Settlement Agreement Can Cost You!
  • Buckle Up – It’s the Law!
  • DSF in the Community
  • Welcome to DSF
  • Upcoming Events

DSF Newsletters Fall Issue (2014-11-03) In this Edition:

  • Trusted Traveller Programs – Which One Is Right for You?
  • Notice Requirements: Acting Fast after injury Is Crucial.
  • DSF in the Community
  • Upcoming Events
  • Press Release: Divorce Dirty Deeds Exposed.
  • Welcome to DSF!

DSF Newsletters Spring/Summer Issue (2014-07-11) In this Edition:

  • “Staff Sick on Stat Holidays?”
  • FATCA: A Primer.
  • Immigration Update-Summer 2014
  • Canada’s Trade-marks Act Goes International
  • How to Register Your Lien
  • Common-law Breakup:”Do I own half the house if I paid half the bills?”
  • DSF in the Community
  • Upcoming Events
  • Welcome to DSF!

DSF Newsletters Issue 12 (2014-02-27) In this Edition:

  • “Happy 2014… I Want a Divorce”
  • DSF Introduces Three New Practice Areas!
  • Small Businesses Left in Legal Limbo
  • Immigration Update 2014 – Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • 2014 – A Good Year for Ontario Low Income Worker Rights
  • Upcoming Events
  • New OHSA Awareness-Training Regulation
  • Anti-Spam Legislation
  • Clever Tax Scam Costing Canadians Thousands!
  • DSF in the Community
  • Welcome to DSF

DSF Newsletters Issue 11 (2013-11-11) In this Edition:

  • The Blurred Lines of Accommodation: Insurance Meets Employment Law
  • Locum Tenens Agreements: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure
  • Human Resources Interview on Family Status
  • Helping Families in Need Act (Bill C-44)
  • Custody, Access, Parenting and Separation
  • Can a Company Buy and Sell Employees in a Sale?
  • DSF In The Community
  • Welcome to DSF

DSF Newsletters Issue 10 (2013-07-07) In this Edition:

  • Legal Grounds for Will Changes
  • Should You Issue Shares for Services Rendered?
  • The Next Whistleblower May Be You
  • Multinational Legal Tax Avoidance in US, EU Exposes Tax Law Loopholes
  • City of Toronto Passes New Harmonized Zoning By-Law
  • DSF in the Community
  • Welcome to DSF
  • Special Announcement

DSF NewslettersIssue 9 (2013-04-02) In this Edition:

  • DSF Joins Alliott Group
  • David S. White and Cory Estrela Join DSF
  • What Does the Term “Custody of a Child” Mean
  • Commercial Lease Interpretation
  • DSF in the Community
  • More Join the Team