Employee Law

Employee Law

Employment Law Services – For Employees and Employers

When facing matters of employment law, defendants are often battling both the financial troubles caused by a loss of income and the frustration of legal matters making a trying situation even worse. If you have encountered issues of workplace harassment, wrongful termination or any other matter that has affected your career and livelihood, you need an attorney who knows your rights and can get you the compensation you deserve.

The Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF) employment law team has been working on behalf of clients since 1964 and we are well versed in the fine points of national and local laws to get you the results you need. Our extensive history and exemplary track record make us a top choice when looking for an employment lawyer. Toronto and GTA clients can rely on our team to help fight for their rights and offer professional legal advice on the following employment law matters:

  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Employment and Executive Contracts
  • Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation and Confidentiality
  • Taxes and Retiring Allowances
  • Workplace Harassment and Bullying

Employment Law for Employers

At DSF, we also act for employers which allows us to understand both sides of employment matters. This gives us the advantage of being able to better anticipate the arguments of the other side, making us the ideal advocates for our clients who are facing issues from current and former employees.

In addition to our knowledge and experience, we also offer a deferral option which will allow the client to delay payment of fees incurred on select wrongful dismissal litigation until it is settled or resolved. For more information and assistance from a DSF employment lawyer, Toronto and GTA employers can contact one of our representatives by clicking on their name located on the right.

Choosing a DSF Criminal Lawyer- Toronto and GTA

Our employment lawyers can assist you in navigating the frustrations of workplace legal matters. No matter the difficulty of your case, the DSF team has the background and capability to successfully represent you.

DSF employment lawyers ensure that every case we take receives the expertise it deserves to handle your legal matters in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.

For additional information on finding an employment lawyer, Toronto and GTA clients should refer to our database of Employment Law Videos featuring advice and tips to help you better understand your legal rights and the legal process.

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