Meliha Waddell

Meliha is the Director of Administration and Operations for Devry Smith Frank LLP (“DSF”) where she plans and oversees the daily operations of the company. She works on improving processes and policies, managing administrative staff and daily office operations, negotiating contracts, developing and overseing office standard operating procedures while ensuring the smooth progress of the firm. Her day to day responsibilities include management of different departments (HR, IT, Marketing, Finance and Facilities) by providing a constructive feedback and ability to effectively lead and motivate each team. She plays a significant role in long-term planning, including an initiative geared toward operational excellence.

Meliha has more than 15 years of experience in administration, marketing and communications field and prior to her employment with DSF, she has worked with the two largest manufacturing companies in North America. During her career with DSF, she has worn many hats as she began her career in Office Administration followed by a brief work in Human Resources. In 2010 she moved onto Graphic/Web Design and Marketing and in 2016 she has assumed the role of Director of Administration and Operations. She is consistently seeking new, innovative, and efficient business processes that will save time and money.

Meliha is an active member of TLOMA (The Law Office Management Association).