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Family Law – Toronto Family Lawyers


When it comes to family law, you are in good hands with the Toronto family lawyers at Devry Smith Frank LLP (“DSF”).

People who need family lawyers are different from people who need other types of lawyers. If you are going through a separation or divorce, or if you need help with child custody or access, child support or spousal support, or a children’s aid society issue, your case is about your life. If you are about to get married or start living with someone, you may also have concerns about your future life.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in all of the following:

  • Simple Divorce
  • Separation Agreements
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Child and Spousal Support
  • Custody and Access
  • Property Division
  • Structuring business in light of Family Law issues
  • Legal issues surrounding heterosexual and same-sex relationships
  • Common-law relationships
  • Child Protection (Children’s Aid Society proceedings)
  • Collaborative Law and Collaborative Practice
  • Family Mediation and Family Arbitration
  • Family Court Proceedings
  • Adoptions
  • Legal issues surrounding assisted reproduction


We have experience representing clients before every level of court, from the Ontario Court of Justice to the Supreme Court of Canada. Outside of the court room, our lawyers also solve disputes using family mediation and arbitration. We also practice “Collaborative Practice”, which helps spouses with difficult situations, but who are committing to resolving matters without “wrecking the kids.”

Our team devotes extra energy to helping kids in difficult circumstances. We have successfully advocated to protect children in several ground breaking court decisions and court cases, showing that our lawyers are not only experts in complex financial matters.

The family law team contributes to the DSF Blog, records podcasts, and are occasionally guest speakers at events and shows discussing a number of family law issues. We also run free family law seminars on important topics and misconceptions regarding family law. Please email us at to register for an upcoming seminar.

For further information or assistance in family law matters, please contact one of the Toronto family lawyers on the right by clicking on their name or contact our office directly at (416) 449-1400

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